Important Absentee Voter Information for You From Congressman Adriano Espaillat

I hope you are staying safe and healthy in these challenging times. While the COVID-19 epidemic is impacting every part of our lives, there's one thing we can't let it compromise - our right to vote! Thankfully, in order to make it easier to maintain social distancing and keep people out of harm's way, every New Yorker has the right to request an absentee ballot for the June 23 Democratic Primary Election! There is still a primary election for Congress and it is important that you make your voice heard. So, you must request your ballot immediately and you can do so online at: Ballot applications will be mailed this week.

When completing your ballot request, make sure to indicate "temporary illness" as the reason for requesting your ballot, even if you aren't sick. This is simply the way the Board of Elections is classifying those who request a ballot due to the COVID-19 epidemic. You should receive your ballot around May 15 and you must mail your completed ballot no later than June 23. The Board of Elections will invalidate your ballot if it is postmarked any later than June 23 and if it is received later than June 30.


NOW: Request your ballot:

May 8: Ballots applications will be sent

May 15: You should receive your ballot around this date

June 23: The LAST DAY to mail your ballot

June 30: The last day the Board of Elections can receive your ballot

BOTTOM LINE: Request your ballot now and complete it and send it back as soon as you can!

If you have questions on requesting an absentee ballot, you can get answers from our team here:

Voting is important now more than ever as we make sure we have the strong leadership needed to continue guiding us through this crisis. Thank you for your participation in this critical election, and I hope you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe.


Adriano Espaillat

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