Dealing with the Financial Side of the Coronavirus

MARCH 17, 2020

This is a time of great stress for many family child care providers.

Because of Coronavirus crisis I’ll be offering a free webinar this coming Monday: Dealing with the Financial Side of the Coronavirus.

It is free and will be held from 8-9pm Eastern Time. Register here.

This webinar will help you cope with the financial impact of the virus crisis

• Can you get covered by insurance for loss of business income?

* Are you eligible for unemployment benefits if you shut down?

• Can you exclude children if you think they are too sick to attend?

• How to change your contract/policies to cover you when parents temporarily keep their children home

• What can you do financially if you shut down temporarily?

The webinar will be recorded so you can listen to it later if you cannot attend on Monday.

The webinar is sponsored by the National Association for Family Child Care. I conduct regular monthly webinars through NAFCC. To see an overview of all the webinars for the rest of 2020, go here.

Tom Copeland –

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