The Coronavirus pandemic, has caused a major disruption in daily services across New York City and the rest of the world. With the closing of NYC schools and providers affiliated with networks allowed to keep their doors closed, the burden of taking care of NYC's children, falls to us the Child Care professional.

Here are some tips to keep ourselves and others SAFE:

- WASH YOUR HANDS and avoid touching your face. The virus is spread through respiratory droplets, and this is the best way to combat it.

- Limit large gatherings and non-mandatory activities to avoid coming into contact with infected persons.

- Check in on your friends and family — especially those who are older, because they are at the highest risk.

- Refill your prescriptions and stock up on any over-the-counter medication you may need in case of quarantine.

- Learn more about the coronavirus and how to limit the spread of it on the CDC website (

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