6 State Strategies to Improve Child Care Policies During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond

Please join the Center for American Progress Early Childhood Policy team in amplifying our issue brief designed to help advocates and policymakers encourage states to use any child care stimulus funds in ways that improve the child care system rather than continue the broken policies of the current system. Retweet on Twitter: @CAPEarlyEd Hashtags: #SaveChildCare Link: Policy Contacts Katie Hamm, Social Media Contact Darya Nicol, > Tweets NEW: It's still up to Congress to #SaveChildCare. As funds become available, states cannot continue with the broken policies of the current system. Using any remaining stimulus funds and forthcoming funds to improve the child care system is key. NEW: Long neglected, America's child care system needs significant public funds to #SaveChildCare and meet the needs of families during the pandemic and beyond. Read more for six ways states can mitigate this crisis now and improve the system long-term. To remedy a broken child care market, we must re-imagine how child care is funded in the United States. Read more from @SJWorkman and @DCHammslice for six state strategies to rebuild child care 👇🏿👇🏽👇🏻 #SaveChildCare NEW: It's no secret the pandemic has made a dysfunctional child care system worse & public funds are needed to #SaveChildCare as it's required infrastructure for a strong recovery. In the short- & long-term, states can consider these six strategies 👇🏿👇🏽👇🏻

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